More than meets the eye.

The crowded intersection is full of cars. The drivers are acting as if it has never rained before. Though I can understand that part. It doesn’t rain nearly enough here in the desert. The black car I’m here for isn’t in sight yet. I can neither see the car in the earthly realm nor the soft white light of the soul I’m assigned to protect.

Suddenly I feel that I’m not alone. I look over and see Luke. I’ve never worked with him before, though we have passed each other once or twice on assignments. “Shane? What’s your assignment here?” He asks me. He is scanning both realms for his charge, just as I am. “ The same as yours I Imagine,” I tell him. He smiles at me. “ The man is not to die, or be mentally incapacitated. That’s all I was ordered to do. What about you?” I nod quickly. “ exact same orders, “ I tell him. “Though mine is a woman.”

We both tense as we feel the other side come in to play. We look immediately in the same direction and see The demon. He isn’t ugly, not the way humans believe demons to be. He looks just like my brothers. Because of course, he was one of them at one time. He waves at us before coming over to speak. “Two?” He asks as he laughs. “I didn’t realize we had a couple. My master will be proud of my work today.”

Demons are always this arrogant. They believe that they will win every battle. They believe that their assignments are more important than ours. Angels however have the benefit of knowing that whatever we are ordered to do, we are ordered by the true master. We take that seriously. And we do our work well. The demons banter is cut off as all three of us feel the two souls coming within range.

Ind the earthly realm there is a black car. It’s driving fine. Looks like every other car on the road. In the spiritual realm though, there is an amazing sight happening. There’s silver light streaming from all sides of the black car. It isn’t very strong, but it is bright silver. Luke looks over at me. I feel myself being pulled toward my charge as her silver prayers float up, up, up to the father.

The demon laughs. “She’s praying? Does she think that you can stop this accident?“ The woman isn’t praying to me though. I can’t hear what she saying. I can just see the silver light as it streams up into the sky. The light of her soul is soft. I have seen the light of souls soft and weak, and I have seen the light of souls shine brighter than humans can imagine. This woman believes. This woman knows the father. But she isn’t very strong in her faith. That’s why the light is so soft.

The demons miles. He is stepping toward the black car now. Humans would never see him. Humans see driver of the car start to swerve. Start to cross lanes of traffic. The drivers eyes are closed. He isn’t my charge. He is Luke’s. But I can feel his soul as well. The light of his soul is brighter than the woman’s. But he isn’t praying. He is sleeping.

Suddenly, more quickly than humans could understand, the black car is slamming into another car head-on. The black car is flipping. What I see though is more astonishing than the accident the humans are seeing. The silver light of the girls prayers has turned darkest black. The demon is now laughing hysterically. “She’s praying for forgiveness. They always do that right before they die. As though it would matter at all!“ I know two things that the demon does not. I know that the woman is not going to die. And as the black light of her prayers turns purest white, then disappears all together, I know that her plea for forgiveness does matter. I know that she has been heard. And I see the black light of her sins being completely removed.

Faster than the demon can reach the woman, probably intending to snap her neck, I am there. I pull out my sword, and slam it hard in the demons direction. He skips back away from the light of glory that my sword is flaming with. He isn’t able even to lay a finger on the woman. She won’t have the slightest mark on her body from this accident.

Luke is not as fast as I am. Thinking that I have the situation handled, he is simply watching. In a motion too quick to capture with our eyes, the demon is on the other side of the car. He is slamming the floorboard down and Luke screams in pain as the drivers foot and leg are slammed through the floorboard.

He moves quickly after that. Grabbing the demon and slamming his sword directly through the demons heart. The demon can’t die of course, he is only sent away from here. To toy with some other humans. Luke then turns his attention to his charge.

The man is now screaming in pain. He is screaming out the woman’s name. The woman has stepped from the up side down car and is standing looking shellshocked. I am standing right next to her. I have an arm around her shoulders. She can’t feel me, she thinks that she is alone. She isn’t crying, but silver light is still streaming from her lips. Because I’m standing so close I can now hear what she saying. “ please let him be OK. Please get him out of the car. God please let him be OK. Please get him out of the car.“ she is babbling the same words over and over again.

Luke comes over to me looking defeated. “How do you always do better than I do? She’s fine!” He says to me. I laughed. “I would say dispatching the demon before he killed your charge is pretty decent work for a day.“ he shrugs and shakes his head.

“Can I just say, I don’t understand why we were both sent. They are both believers, but the light that their souls is showing isn’t all that strong. I wonder what it is about them that caught the fathers attention so strongly today.“ I know the answer to this one, but I want to let Luke see it for himself.

The humans have been moving. Someone has carried the woman off to the side out of the street. Someone else has gotten the man out of the car. An ambulances arrived. I hope that the 2 will be in contact with each other. Because I know why we were both sent here to make sure this didn’t end with either of their deaths. Luke and I follow along as they are both loaded into the ambulance. When the woman reaches out, and wtakes the mans hand, all of Luke’s questions are answered!

The light of her soul isn’t very bright. The light of his soul is a little brighter, but certainly not gleaming. But when the two of them are together, the light of their souls shines brighter than any I have ever seen! “Wow! “Live says. “In all my years I have never seen that before.” I nodded. “Yes, they were made for each other. For a purpose that they can only accomplish when they are together. That is why we were both sent. That is why they both had to live today!“ Continue reading