Can you hear the walls?

You’ve probably heard of echolocation. Where someone who’s blind makes clicking sounds with their tongue to hear the sound bounce back to them. This makes pictures of the blind persons surroundings. The sound hits objects letting the blind person hear what’s in front or to the side of them. I don’t practice echolocation because I’m a lazy little blind girl and I don’t particularly want to walk around making clicking sounds. I can, however, hear the space large objects take up. I didn’t realize this was a blind girl thing until a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were unpacking boxes in our new house and I was carrying a large box through our bedroom door and my boyfriend exclaimed, “You’re going to hit that doorframe!” As he said this I walked through the door without hitting anything at all. He stood there looking at me and asked me how I’d known where the door was. I said very casually, because I was unaware that this was an unusual statement, “I can hear the walls.” He responded with a completely appropriate, “What the hell do you mean you can hear the walls?” It’s difficult to explain things that I’ve never had to explain before. I tried to tell him how the space something takes up changes the sound in a room. Later that same week we went on a walk and I told him I could hear the sound light posts, trees, bushes and walls made as we passed them. I can’t distinguish what an object is, though I can tell you a car or a wall sounds different from a tree or a bush. I tried to explain this same thing to my 2 best friends and the children I nanny for this week and all of them simply went silent with what I can only imagine were, what the hell is she talking about looks on their faces. So I realized that another thing I believed was just a fact of life, you can hear the walls, is actually a blind girl thing. Rendering me even more awesome than I knew I was a few weeks ago. So yes world. I can hear the walls. And if you’re not blind, you probably can’t.