Can You See Me?

I’ve been nannying for my older  sister since her little girl was 6 months old. I’ve seen before how my blindness was understood by children, but never as clearly as I’ve gotten to see it with Em. Now Em is a very intelligent little girl. She always has been. I don’t know if it’s her intelligence, or the fact that she spends every day with me, but she has always understood on some level that I see differently. When she was less than one year old she would bring her bottle  to me  and  press it into my hand when she wanted a drink. I didn’t think anything of this until my sister saw her do it one day and told me that wasn’t how Em asked other people for a drink. My sister said for other people Em would just hold her bottle out to them. At 10 months old she was already understanding that I saw things differently. When she got older she would do other things. She’d put my hands on her books and pictures because she’d see me reading Braille. She’d bring her toys to me so I could see them. As she learned to talk she’d casually throw out descriptions for me. She’d see a shirt she liked and after screaming excitedly about it she’d say, “Tia it’s a princess shirt.” Or she’d describe what happened on her movie if it was worth being excited about. She’s 4 now, and we just had the most interesting conversation. She came up to me and stood just out of reach and said, “you can’t see me, right?” I, told her that was right. Then she climbed on my lap and put my hand on her face and said, “now you can see me, right?” I told her that was right and she smiled and said, “now you can see my smile.” I believe this will be forever one of my favorite blind girl moments.