What do I know? What do I not know?

So I am taking a class for school about how blindness effects the development of self esteem. Through out the textbook there are quotes from blind authors. One girl wrote about how she grew up thinking all birds must be tiny because the sounds birds make are small. I thought about this. The only thing I could remember that fit that was the rain. When I was 4 or 5 there was a storm. I lived in the desert in California so we didn’t get much rain. I was playing out front in the grass in the rain and my mom came and told me I had to play out back. I said, “But it’s raining out front.” My mom said, “It’s raining everywhere.” I didn’t believe her. I didn’t understand that it could be raining out front and out back at the same time. This prompted a conversation about rain and clouds and the way rain came to be out back and out front at the same time. Blew my little blind mind. I had no idea. So I’m writing this blog to see what I might not know just because I never thought about it to ask. I’m asking everyone who reads this to comment something that you see often that I might not know about, because I’ve never seen it. Interact with me on this one and make it interesting!