It wouldn’t be a truly good vacation without a blind girl moment. Nema and I rocked the airport for the first time on our own with no drama. We even got a cool dog comment from a passing stranger. I was nervous about the flight because Nema hadn’t been on a plane in almost 3 years, but she was fine. Flight attendants kept trying to feed her. I very sweetly said no over and over again. We spent a relaxing week with my Breezy and her girls. Went on a boat for the first time ever. I had a blast! Nema was afraid to get in the boat and only jumped in after I did. And very reluctantly at that. The true blind girl moment happened monday morning. Sassy decided she wanted McDonald’s for her birthday breakfast so we all got up and dressed and went. It was freezing and early to be awake so we were all kind of silly and laughing. It was breezy’s family so we were all kind of loud. We were leaving and I was ahead of everyone else. Almost to the door when Breezy called me. I turned around to find a random black man who wanted to pray for my eyes. That’s right! Pray for my eyes! So we all stood in the middle of the McDonald’s for about 5 minutes while he prayed for my sight to return. What do you say to that? Blind girl moment!